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Kindred Spirits always Seal with a Kiss!

Have you even been in love? I'm not talking that 4th grade he shared his bubble gum love, but real love?And no, I'm not talking that Disney princess fairy tale type love where it's always gumdrops and lollipops either.But the love where your significant other is truly down for you. They hold you down when times get hard, have your back when others try to mess over you. They know what you're feeling and needing before you even speak. If you haven't experienced that I sincerely hope you're able to one day, but for now at least your hair has a chance at #ahigherlove.The Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream exemplifies that type of love for you hair. This cream moisturizes...

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Enjoy your Deep Indulgences Now and Forever....

I don't know about you, but when it comes to food, my deep indulgence is absolutely caramel sauce. When I order ice cream, you can bet I'm choosing a flavor with caramel and if it's warmed up with add pecans or walnuts, I just might float away 😊 I love caramel apples, caramel icing on pound cake, caramel chocolates,ok I think you get it. It's literally my guilty pleasure. 😍Have you ever wondered what your hair loves? I know I'm talking as if she is a living, breathing person; but I like to think that our hair feels some of the same way we do sometimes. It needs love and definitely wants to be treated.This is why I named our conditioner the Deep...

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Do you need a gentle embrace...?

This is what the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo is all about. It's that cool shower after a hot day, the warm soak to soar muscles, the perfect hug that releases stress. Your hair needs that type of pampering and loving too.

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