Diet is often the forgotten ingredient when trying to figure out how to have optimally healthy and strong hair…your diet absolutely matters!  It’s like beginning a new workout, going hard in the gym but you keep eating all the junk food you have always eaten. (We’ve all tried it) But, the fact is, this is not an equation for success in meeting your fitness goals, and likewise, eating foods that do not fortify your hair won’t likely result in healthy, strong hair. Did you know all of the cells in your body will almost completely regenerate after only thirty days of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet and eliminating processed foods?!

what to eat for long natural hair

Here are the top 10 foods that you should incorporate into your diet and eat on a regular basis to help your hair reach optimal health and strength (and a little something on how these foods actually benefit your hair):

  1.     Protein– Lean protein is one of the best foods we can ingest to produce strong, healthy, protein-rich hair.  Appropriate levels of protein strengthens the hair cortex (the middle and thickest layer of each hair strand, see this blog post for more information on hair layers).  A strong hair cortex means your hair is stronger, has more vibrant color and is less susceptible to damage, breakage and split ends.
  2.     Guava– This extraordinary fruit has 4-5 times the amount of vitamin C than your everyday orange. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, which acts as a natural conditioner to your hair follicles.
  3.     Spinach– This popular leafy green is rich in iron and minerals, including omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium! With mineral deficiency being one of the main culprits behind hair loss, spinach can pack a powerful punch to combat hair loss.
  4.     Oats– Full of fiber, iron, zinc and omega 3s, oats are an excellent way to strengthen your hair (and fill you up) on a daily basis.
  5.     Eggs – Eggs pack a major dose of Vitamin B, aka Biotin.  Biotin not only helps repair and strengthen your hair, but your nails too!  But beware…biotin does not just affect the hair on your head, don’t be shocked if new hair sprouts on your face or other body parts.

Halfway there...stay with me!!

  1.     Cinnamon– This special spice improves circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.  In turn your hair breathes better and in turn the follicles are able to open up easier and the hair is able to come out easier.
  2.     Salmon– Yum! Salmon is full of omega fatty acids and helps the body process insulin more efficiently.  Most people’s insulin levels fluctuate drastically throughout the day and our bodies struggle to balance these fluctuations.  Salmon can help level out insulin. But, avoid farm-raised salmon, as much as possible.
  3.    Greek Yogurt– Full of vitamin B5, which is known for promoting healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver.
  4.     Tangerines– Like guava, tangerines are also packed with vitamin C.
  5.  Almonds– Just a few almonds a day can make a big difference!  Rich in Vitamin E, almonds contribute to the hair’s thickness and lusciousness of your hair.

So, give it a shot!  Incorporate the healthy foods listed above into your regular diet for stronger, healthier hair.  But like anything new...take baby steps and space out incorporating any new foods in case of any unknown food allergies (ain’t nobody got time to figure out what new food caused a reaction on the back end).  If you can successfully make healthy foods and increased water intake a part of your regular diet, you will see and feel a big difference in not only your hair, but your skin and overall physical health!

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June 19, 2019 — Jeannell Darden


Sandra said:

Hi with cinnamon how do I eat it plain a tablespoon or teaspoons And oats do I eat that raw?

Learning How To Blossom said:

These will be amazing to see if i notice any difference at all and with this list I couldn’t image not noticing one difference.

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