What makes Moisture Love different from every other product company?

Great question, it's simple. Our brand is centered around love. Loving your hair, loving your self. With that, we take great care in everything that we produce. Each product is carefully and lovingly formulated with our proprietary Hydralure Technology that infuses hydration on a cellular level for maximum moisture. In addition our CEO and formulator has been working with hair for over 20 years now. Read her story here

Is this the same as Coco Curls?

Moisture Love is created by the same company that originally created Coco Curls. The products have evolved and are now infused with the proprietary Hydralure Technology (TM) that the formulating founder and Georgia Tech Engineer, Jeannell Darden created. The original Coco Curls formula was more like a conditioning sealer, however the new Moisture Love formula is an interior penetrator which helps further extend moisture. It warms our hearts to hear of all the requests for our original formula and we've been thinking about bringing that formula back by popular demand, so stay tuned! We're here and just as committed to providing your curls the maximum Moisture that they need and also helping you to Love yourself for who you are. Shop our collection now and tell us your thoughts.

How long does it take to ship?

Products typically ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 4PM. However during sales, major holidays, or otherwise large demand it can take up to 3 - 5 business days for your order to ship.  From there it could be 2-7 days in transit depending on the shipping method chosen or where you are in relation to Atlanta, GA. 

What's the shelf life of the products?

The products are made with a food grade preservative, similar to what you would find in your breakfast cereals. They are formulated to last for up to 12 months. We do recommend that they stay in a cool dry place with the lids closed whenever possible, and refrigeration is not necessary.

Are the products child friendly?

 Yes! Jeannell (our founder and CEO) has 3 children - 2 girls and a boy and she used all of the products on her babies from birth. Be sure to keep out of reach of children, not safe for consumption. If the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo comes in contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. 

Can Moisture Love be used on men? 

 Yes Moisture Love is a great grooming product for men. The fragrance is amazing, yet neutral. In fact, many customers tell us stories of how they have to hide their hair products from the men in their lives.

I have grey hair, that's hard to tame, will it work for me? [Freewash99]

 Yes it will. Because the products are infused with the Hydralure Technology it affects the hair on a cellular level therefore infuses hydration under the main cuticle layer. Many customers with grey hair rave about how our products help them "tame" and moisturize their silver strands. 

Does Moisture Love work on all types and textures?

The Moisture Love Collection is a system designed to build upon each other. Your moisture and hydration start with the shampoo phase and with each step an additional layer is added; this process is effective for all hair types. We know that each product works best when used as a system. Look for your texture below and see how the Moisture Love Collection can help you!

For straight hair it's great for smoothing your strands.

For wavy hair, it will enhance the wave.

For curly hair it's great for manageability and curl control. 

With fine hair, a little goes a long way.

For medium hair it's great as a frizz barrier.

For coarse hair,it softens and elongates the texture.

How can I learn how to use the product?

 Moisture Love is dedicated to educating everyone on how to use the products for their texture and type. Check out Moisture Love customer reviews and influencer feedback

Is Moisture Love considered a natural product?

 Moisture Love is a high performance product with high grade natural ingredients infused into the formulas. We love our natural base ingredients made from aloe, coconuts, beets, and mushrooms to name a few. Our products are environmentally safe and people friendly. We do not test on animals.  Our plant based formulas are also gluten, sulfate, and paraben free. If you have any additional allergies, be sure to read the entire ingredient list and feel free to reach out to us at curlie@moisturelove.com if you have any further questions.

Where can I buy Moisture Love products in stores?

 Moisture Love is global brand available all over the world. Check out our list of retail locations. If you don't have a location near you, please send us an email at curlie@moisturelove.com with that store's name and location and we'll make it happen!

Also if you want Moisture Love to come to your community, to host or sponsor an event, complete our sponsorship form here.

How do I connect with Moisture Love?I want to stay up to date on sales, specials and new releases, what's the best way?

We're social on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To be a Moisture Love Insider join our mailing list. 

Contact us for more information at curlie@moisturelove.com and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.


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