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When you show love, you sow love, and when you sow love, love grows. Give your hair the love it needs. ~Vinson L. Baker Sr.  

 Jeannell Darden CEO Moisture Love


 Presenting Moisture  Love, the Devotion to  Hydration

 A curated hair care  collection singularly  focused on offering a  higher degree of  moisturization. It is your  complete source for all  your textured hair  hydration needs.  

 As a textured hair women,  I didn't always love my  curls. In fact I rejected them, but I soon realized that I wasn't loving myself. I had a major vanity with my beauty, and felt like the longer and straighter my hair, the more beautiful I was. There was a turning point in my life where I decided to shed all those self destructive aspects of beauty, which started with embracing my God given curls. The struggle was real in my rocky love hate relationship, and I was quite ready to break up and move on. 

After experimenting with tons of products to no avail and talking to other curl friends, I realized that I wasn't the only one in this tumultuous relationship with my hair and that we all deserved better. 

Moisture Love Collection

We know your hair's #1 need and #1 source of stress is moisture,  that's why we are devoted to your hair's hydration. Our Hydralure technology has been infused into our collection and is a pH balanced proprietary blend of plant based humectants and moisturizing agents that penetrate and affect the hair on a cellular level. It creates a bonding attraction between the hydration in the cells of your hair and that of the product to infuse longer lasting moisture; making  hair shinier, healthier and more manageable over time. 

 Instead of struggling through a tough relationship with your hair, come close and fall in love again. After all, we are your hair's new hydration infatuation. Shop our collection, and give you hair have the gift of #ahigherlove, Moisture Love.