When you show love , you sow love, and when you sow love, love grows. Give your hair the love it needs. ~Vinson L. Baker Sr.  

 Jeannell Darden CEO Moisture Love


Moisture Love is a curated hair collection singularly focused on one thing: infusing your natural, highly textured hair with the moisture it needs.

And we’re on a mission to help women embrace their unique beauty, express their confidence, experience a higher love for themselves with products that make highly textured hair easier to manage and maintain.

Essentially, we want you to fall so deeply in love with your hair that you become your OWN #HairGoals. 

As natural-haired lovelies, we know that your #1 challenge with managing and maintaining your curls is moisture.

That’s why our founder, Jeannell Darden, started Moisture Love armed with an Industrial Engineering degree, experience working with one of the most well-known beauty brands in the world, and the sheer determination to create products that helped women drop the love/hate relationship with their natural hair.

Using our proprietary Hydralure technology, each Moisture Love product is scientifically formulated to infuse long-lasting, pH-balanced moisture into every single strand of your natural hair. 

Lasting moisture means shinier, healthier and more manageable hair over time, making Moisture Love products your complete source for all your textured hair hydration needs… 

...and your hair’s new hydration infatuation.

Experience a #HigherLove and shop our collection today!

Moisture Love Collection