Best Natural Hair Products For Healthy Curls

As a black woman with natural hair, the struggle can be real.
Understanding this pain, we at Moisture Love are passionate about natural hair care, and want to inspire you to fall in love with your hair all over again!
We expertly craft our high-quality natural hair products with the best organic ingredients.
Each formula is backed with science and has been tested and proven to hydrate and maintain a diversity of curl textures for up to 5 days!
We want you to experience the highest form of self-love - so start cherishing your natural curls today!

Discover What Works For You

Satisfying natural hair products are tough to find, and especially if you don’t know what will work for you. MoistureLove’s founder, Jeannell, offers a private, 1 -on- 1 curl consultation designed to help you better understand what your hair needs. Discovering how to embrace your style is half the battle of earning well-deserved self-confidence.
We all have unique hair textures, so what works for your loved ones may not work for you.
Discovering what’s best for your hair can be a lot of trial and error. And satisfying natural hair products can be tough to find.
But it doesn't have to be...
Our founder, Jeannell Dharden offers a private, 1 -on- 1 curl consultation designed to help you better understand how to love and manage your curl texture. Embracing your hair and all its gorgeous kinks is only half the battle but we’re here to make it a fulfilling one!

Why MoistureLove?

Our founder, Jeannell Dharden, dedicated herself to creating some of the best products for natural hair long before MoistureLove even existed. Our company wasn’t created to sell generic products for ‘natural hair’. It was created to spread trustworthy products for natural hair care. You deserve to love yourself.
Using our safe, natural hair products means that your hair won’t break or become damaged, and our products can be used with confidence. MoistureLove knows the importance of feeling proud of your natural hair, and an essential part of that journey is getting your hair to the healthiest place possible!
Founder Jeannell originally used her engineering background and experience working with a renowned beauty brand to help with her own natural hair journey, but the products were too good not to share. She was able to share her formula for success with others, and eventually, MoistureLove was born.
Our natural hair products are made to do one job: help you embrace newfound confidence.

In a world where big brands often forget about the beauty of natural hair, we founded MoistureLove to fill that void.
Our company wasn’t created to sell generic products for ‘natural hair’.
It was created to provide black women everywhere with the best products for natural hair and is designed to meet their unique texture needs.
A product line that is crafted for us, by us.
We know that as black women, our hair is more than just a style - it's an important part of our identity.
And at MoistureLove, we're committed to helping you embrace and celebrate your natural beauty, from the roots up. To help you honor a sense of higher self-love.
With a background in engineering and experience working with a renowned beauty brand, our founder, Jeannell, brings an unrivaled level of expertise to the table when it comes to natural hair care products.
From our deep conditioners to our cleansing shampoos, every product in our line has been specifically formulated and tested to cleanse, condition, moisturize, restore and style your curls.
Now’s the time to pamper yourself because you deserve it.