Learning to Love My Natural Curls!

Learning to Love My Natural Curls!

I learned the hard way (even though I probably knew better) that perming your hair and coloring your hair within a two-week time period is not a good idea - AT ALL. 
August 30, 2022 — Jeannell Darden
From Disaster to Discovery

From Disaster to Discovery

Press and combed spiral curls. Socks with the lace trim and patent leather Mary Janes. Cute little a-line dresses in your signature pastel color. I was a typical PK (that’s Preacher’s Kid in case you didn’t know!). 
August 23, 2022 — Jeannell Darden
Hydrating vs. Moisturizing Hair Graphic | Moisture Love

Hydrating vs. Moisturizing Hair: The Difference

Does your hair need hydration or moisture? This article will help you determine the difference. As a new naturalista, you are exposed to a whole new vocabulary about hair!  We hear different terminology but don’t always understand the meaning and application to our hair situation.  “Hydration” and “moisture” are terms you hear about and see on the labels of hair products for curly hair, but if you’re like most, you don’t quite know the difference.  Well, let’s break these terms down...

January 08, 2020 — NP Accel
Do you want to change your hair texture?

Do you want to change your hair texture?

How many of us began our natural hair journey excitedly looking through natural hair photos on Instagram and Pinterest and thinking, "I can duplicate that style!”  After duplicating the products and process, frustration leads you to eventually 
July 24, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Mastering the twistout- The true power of Technique

Mastering the twistout- The true power of Technique

Okay, have you ever attempted a twist out and ended up thoroughly disappointed by the results?!  We've all been there - you use high-quality products, you take your time to carefully twist your hair and fully expect to untwist a head full of hydrated, moisturized, well-defined curls.  But alas, the hair doesn't lay right or is frizzy or just doesn't make you feel confident in your look. The issue may be...
July 17, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
The real reason your hair products aren't working!

The real reason your hair products aren't working!

Most curly girls go on a real quest to find the products that give them optimal results – healthy, strong, beautiful hair. How many of us know someone (or are you that girl!) with a closet full of a million different hair products from a bunch of different brands? Have you ever tried a product for the first time and ex..
July 10, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Does pH really matter for natural hair care?

Does pH really matter for natural hair care?

Is it just me, or does it feel like products increasingly include pH level information on labels nowadays? Now that natural hair products are starting to advertise their pH levels with pride, you're probably asking yourself, why should I care about pH?  Is this some sort of ...
July 03, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Does the natural hair movement suck?

Does the natural hair movement suck?

In recent years, there has been an explosion in women wearing their natural hair.  Women, particularly women of color, are not just rocking ‘70s afros and jailhouse cornrows...many have truly embraced the hair that naturally sprouts from their scalps, in all of its sophisticated, crown-like glory.  And naturals are looking spectacular! I think it’s safe to say, natural hair is not a fad…it’s here to stay…but, what is the experience like for women who wear their natural hair, woman to woman? Does the natural hair movement suck?

Does the natural hair movement suck

Women choosing to don their natural coils subscribe to a full spectrum of different beliefs.  Natural textured women can range from the purist, who has not only banned the use of chemicals used to straighten hair, but does not utilize heat, protective styles, or color.  On the other end of the spectrum is the liberal, she may have banned the use of straightening chemicals, but is open to using just about anything else to achieve the looks she desires.  Which is right? And what about the naturals who have sported locs or have been natural for their entire lives, are they somehow less qualified to be a part of the (fairly recent) natural hair movement?

No matter where one identifies on the natural hair continuum, a common experience many natural women share is receiving criticism or judgment from other natural women. Some natural women routinely project their hair ideals on other women and even judge women that abide by a different set of natural hair rules. The judgement naturals experience amongst one another can be downright rude or snobby.  In many women’s natural hair journey, this judgement causes division and negative feelings towards other women, and in some cases within themselves.

If judgment is commonplace amongst the natural hair community, it may be time to take a step back and make the natural hair movement peaceful again! For hair, as in life, we cannot impose our preferences on others or judge them when they do not subscribe to our beliefs.  Likewise, while it can be tempting to listen to what works for one woman and seek the same success using the same methods and products, we also cannot expect to blindly implement the practices of others and get Instagram perfection.

The natural hair movement is all about the personal journey.  It is about self-discovery, self-confidence and ultimately, freedom!  No one can say what is “right” or “wrong” because everyone’s hair journey is individualistic.  Each woman must define the best hair regimen for herself (and her hair type, OK!).

The secret to having the most fabulous natural hair experience is to do what works for YOU!  So, stop judging and stop being judged…use what makes YOU feel beautiful and confident! In life and in hair, Shakespeare summed it up best when he wrote…”to thine own self be true.”

Share your thoughts and natural hair movement experiences in the comment box below!

Make The Mesmerizing Moisture & Definition Bundle Yours Today!


June 26, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Top 10 Foods for Strong Healthy Hair

Top 10 Foods for Strong Healthy Hair

Diet is often the forgotten ingredient when trying to figure out how to have optimally healthy and strong hair…your diet absolutely matters!  It’s like beginning a new workout, going hard in the gym but you keep eating all the junk food you have always eaten. (We’ve all tried it) But, the fact is...
June 19, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Will he like me Curly?

Will he like me Curly?

There are women that are downright obsessed with the idea their beau will not like them curly. As a result, so many women are discouraged, thinking that they will somehow be less beautiful or they will be unable to find love while rocking their natural hair.  We all know someone so overwhelmed by the thought of losing their relationship over hair, they continue straightening their hair well after they’ve lost the desire to do so (come on ladies…choose you!)
June 12, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Makeup Hacks from Celebrity Makeup Artist BRich!

Makeup Hacks from Celebrity Makeup Artist BRich!

Brittni Fontleroy and I had an amazing time on our Facebook Live this past Tuesday! 

I used the Now & Forever Leave-in Conditioning Serum as a heat protectant to do this blowout, then I used the Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream to do chunky twists and the oil to Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil to seal in the moisture & shine.  

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Jeannell Moisture Love

It was a total blast. Brittni showed us how to:

  • Put on lashes in 3 simple steps
  • Blend eyeshadow to look flawless
  • Keep your eyeshadow on longer without all the creasing

Check out the replay here and go to her website to shop her amazing deals. She has offered a 20% off coupon just for Moisture Love fans!



B rich Collection


Make These Moisture-Rich Hair Products Yours Today!


February 08, 2019 — Jeannell Darden
Kindred Spirits always Seal with a Kiss!

Kindred Spirits always Seal with a Kiss!

Have you even been in love? I'm not talking that 4th grade he shared his bubble gum love, but real love?

And no, I'm not talking that Disney princess fairy tale type love where it's always gumdrops and lollipops either.

But the love where your significant other is truly down for you.

They hold you down when times get hard, have your back when others try to mess over you. They know what you're feeling and needing before you even speak.

If you haven't experienced that I sincerely hope you're able to one day, but for now at least your hair has a chance at

The Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream exemplifies that type of love for you hair. This cream moisturizes (softens) and styles(defines) at the same time. Most people will say they are oxymorons, but just like in love and science opposites
do attract and create amazing bonds are that aren't easily broken.

This product was formulated so you can save yourself some time and heartache from having to combine a couple
different products to accomplish one style hoping that all the different ingredients will get along. Not to mention the heartache of taking your hair down and you've got flakes everywhere or it's either to hard or too soft...ugh don't you hate that!

The Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream is formulated with a foundation of organic aloe vera and our proprietary Hydralure Technology, which 
establishes an optimal environment for your curls to thrive. All textures can enjoy extended moisture retention, increased
manageability and the gift of captivating curls. Feel confident that we've got your back and you hair is appropriately hydrated.
Say goodbye to frizz, and enjoy a few days off from having to manipulate your hair. The moisture just lasts...

Like with every love story we always hope for a fairytale ending and that's the kiss!

A kiss done right, let's you know everything is ok, and your love is here to stay.

Well we couldn't leave you hanging either, which is why we created the Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil. It takes all the moisture
and hydration that you've experienced from the entire Hydration Collection and locks it all in. This blend is lightweight,
smells amazing, and is packed with nutrients to feed your hair and your scalp.

The dynamic infusion of marshmallow and horsetail leaf in a proprietary blend of soothing oils is just the fanciful finish that your hair deserves.
The polished shine and moisturizing seal will give you and your hair butterflies.

Lean in close, because it really does matter how your style ends!

April 26, 2018 — Jeannell Darden