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3 Steps to Eliminate Dry Natural hair!

Water alone doesn't moisturize, it aids in the process of hydration and moisture (check out this article to learn the difference) but it won't moisturize. If you want to eliminate dry natural hair, then try this new regimen. Here is how I refresh, jump in the shower without a shower cap, let the hot steam re-activate the products in your hair, then apply the Now & Forever Leave-in Conditioning Serum to make your hair pliable - similar to how water would.

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Hydration or Moisture - Is there a difference?

Does your hair need hydration or moisture? This article will help you determine the difference. As a new naturalista, you are exposed to a whole new vocabulary about hair!  We hear different terminology but don’t always understand the meaning and application to our hair situation.  “Hydration” and “moisture” are terms you hear about and see on the labels of hair products for curly hair, but if you’re like most, you don’t quite know the difference.  Well, let’s break these terms down...

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Do you want to change your hair texture?

How many of us began our natural hair journey excitedly looking through natural hair photos on Instagram and Pinterest and thinking, "I can duplicate that style!”  After duplicating the products and process, frustration leads you to eventually 

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Mastering the twistout- The true power of Technique

Okay, have you ever attempted a twist out and ended up thoroughly disappointed by the results?!  We've all been there - you use high-quality products, you take your time to carefully twist your hair and fully expect to untwist a head full of hydrated, moisturized, well-defined curls.  But alas, the hair doesn't lay right or is frizzy or just doesn't make you feel confident in your look. The issue may be...

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The real reason your hair products aren't working!

Most curly girls go on a real quest to find the products that give them optimal results – healthy, strong, beautiful hair. How many of us know someone (or are you that girl!) with a closet full of a million different hair products from a bunch of different brands? Have you ever tried a product for the first time and ex..

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