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Does pH really matter for natural hair care?

Is it just me, or does it feel like products increasingly include pH level information on labels nowadays? Now that natural hair products are starting to advertise their pH levels with pride, you're probably asking yourself, why should I care about pH?  Is this some sort of ...

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Does the natural hair movement suck?

In recent years, there has been an explosion in women wearing their natural hair.  Women, particularly women of color, are not just rocking ‘70s afros and jailhouse cornrows...many have truly embraced the hair that naturally sprouts from their scalps, in all of its sophisticated, crown-like glory.  And naturals are looking spectacular! I think it’s safe to say, natural hair is not a fad…it’s here to stay…but, what is the experience like for women who wear their natural hair, woman to woman? Does the natural hair movement suck? Women choosing to don their natural coils subscribe to a full spectrum of different beliefs.  Natural textured women can range from the purist, who has not only banned the use of chemicals used...

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Top 10 Foods for Strong Healthy Hair

Diet is often the forgotten ingredient when trying to figure out how to have optimally healthy and strong hair…your diet absolutely matters!  It’s like beginning a new workout, going hard in the gym but you keep eating all the junk food you have always eaten. (We’ve all tried it) But, the fact is...

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Will he like me Curly?

There are women that are downright obsessed with the idea their beau will not like them curly. As a result, so many women are discouraged, thinking that they will somehow be less beautiful or they will be unable to find love while rocking their natural hair.  We all know someone so overwhelmed by the thought of losing their relationship over hair, they continue straightening their hair well after they’ve lost the desire to do so (come on ladies…choose you!)

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Makeup Hacks from Celebrity Makeup Artist BRich!

Brittni Fontleroy and I had an amazing time on our Facebook Live this past Tuesday!   I used the Now & Forever Leave-in Conditioning Serum as a heat protectant to do this blowout, then I used the Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream to do chunky twists and the oil to Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil to seal in the moisture & shine.   Use Coupon code: mllive to save 15% on my look at MoistureLove.com It was a total blast. Brittni showed us how to: Put on lashes in 3 simple steps Blend eyeshadow to look flawless Keep your eyeshadow on longer without all the creasing Check out the replay here and go to her website to shop her amazing...

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