The Significance of Moisture + Love

The Significance of Moisture + Love

I know the world has told us that our hair isn't good enough. We don't look kept. It's not professional. It's not sexy. I've even heard people say it's not becoming of a lady.  Wait what???...
April 05, 2018 — Jeannell Darden
Moisture Love New Website Launch Sale

Moisture Love New Website Launch Sale

The new Moisture Love website has officially launched with exciting features you need to see!  Now you can watch tutorials and read testimonial...


June 28, 2017 — Jeannell Darden
Recreate the Style: 4 Steps to a Flawless Fall Twist Out

Recreate the Style: 4 Steps to a Flawless Fall Twist Out

Whether you’ve mastered styling your own hair or find yourself in the learning process, you can’t go wrong with a twist out. As an added bonus, this low maintenance style is perfect for Fall. Cool weather, big hair, it just makes sense.

Check out Instagrammer @dommiekamelah. Her twist out is defined, moisturized and full of body. What’s there not to love? 

How do you recreate this flawless look? Technique, the proper products, and few of our insider tips. Try these 4 simple steps. We promise you will love your results.

Step 1: Beginning with cleansed and conditioned wet hair, detangle and then part your hair into sections, starting from the crown of your head, moving to the sides.

Insider Tip

- The larger your parted sections the larger your flat twist, which are the base for your twist out. If you are going for a voluminous look, we suggest medium to large size sections.

Step 2: Apply a nickel to dime sized amount of moisturizing styling cream, like our Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream, from the root to the tips of your hair. Secure each parted sections and allow your hair to air dry, until it is almost completely dry.

Insider Tips

- Applying a moisturizing styling cream to wet hair allows for extended moisture and hydration.

- Creating flat twists with almost dry hair elongates the curl and makes for a more fuller twist out.

Step 3: Focusing on one section at a time and beginning at the crown of your head, split a section into two, holding each in one hand, and twist to the scalp - adding hair as you go - until you reach your ends. Watch this video to see a step by step tutorial of creating a flat twist.

Once you have completed your entire head, allow your hair to air dry completely or sit under a warm hooded dryer.

Step 4: Once dried, carefully untwist your hair, using a light oil. We recommend Goodnight Kiss Finishing SpritzTo add volume, use a pick to fluff your roots.

Insider Tip

- Applying a small amount of oil to your hands while untwisting helps keep the frizz away and adds shine

What tricks do you use to achieve a flawless twist out? Share them in the comments section below.


What is Moisture Love?

A curated hair care collection singularly focused on offering a higher degree of moisturization. We know your hair's #1 need and #1 source of stress is moisture, that's why we are devoted to your hair's hydration!  Shop our collection, and give your hair the gift of #ahigherlove...Moisture Love.

June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden
Hello Fall! 3 Steps for Moisturized Curls

Hello Fall! 3 Steps for Moisturized Curls

If you have curly hair, we’re sure you’ve been told, “moisturizing is key.” With the arrival of the crisp Fall air, it’s more important than ever to show your coils some love. How do you really “moisturize” your mane? What does that mean?

We’ve crafted 3 steps to help you conquer the cool season. We call it our Moisture and Seal Process. First things first, how do you know if your curls are in need of moisture?

Moisture is derived from water-based products and even aloe vera juice. Dry, brittle and frizzy hair are initial indicators of lack of moisture. According to Naturally Curly, frizz is essentially, “a curl waiting to happen.” Tresses that suffer from these symptoms are thirsty and in need of one thing, hydration.

When it comes to moisturizing, water (the ultimate moisturizer) is your best friend. However, it requires a companion, oil. Certain oils serve as sealants while others penetrate. Read this article to learn what 7 natural oils penetrate the hair shaft. Here’s why oils are so important to our moisture process.

Our scalps naturally produce sebum, which is an oil. However, due to our curly texture, the sebum has difficulties making its way down the hair shaft. Using oil as a sealant replenishes our hair strands with what it has not received from the scalp.

How do you properly moisturize and seal your curls? Here’s our 3 step Moisture and Seal Process. 

Step 1. Cleanse and condition your hair with hydrating, pH balanced and water-based, products. We suggest our Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo and Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner.

Step 2. While your curls are in a wet state, apply a moisturizing styling cream, like Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream. With its first ingredient being aloe vera juice, this cream establishes an optimal environment for your curls to retain moisture. 

Step 3.  Seal in the moisture, from your moisturizing styler, with oil. Apply the oil to your curls, moving from the roots to the ends of your hair. We like using Goodnight Kiss Finishing Spritz as our sealant. It contains a blend of avocado, argan and castor oil.

Don’t forget, you will need to replenish your curls every few days. Try using a refresher that has water as one of the main ingredients.

Properly hydrating your hair can lead to gorgeous curls. Kick off Fall with our Moisture and Seal Process, your curls will thank you!

How often do you moisturize and seal your hair? Share your hydration secrets in the comment section below.

June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural

Wash day doesn’t have to be stressful 💆🏽

So it’s time to wash your hair and you’re wondering “Where do I begin?” Don’t stress out, we’ve got you covered! I love using wash day as an excuse to pamper myself and so can you.

In the beginning I didn't realize shampoo would matter so much,  but oh yes it does!  Hydration starts with shampoo! Imagine a product that cleanses your hair while keeping it moisturized. The Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo does just that. Now you can gently wash away any dirt and worries from the week!

Conditioner is bae 😍 

Thinking back to when I had relaxed hair, I underestimated how important conditioner truly is and now I can’t live without it! It’s vital for keeping my curls defined, moisturized and healthy. Show your curls some love with the Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner. This product has amazing slip that makes detangling a breeze!


Shrinkage is real and that's ok😊  

Shrinkage is one of the best kept secrets of being a curly girl. No one actually knows how long your hair is! If you want to retain a bit more length try the Kindred Spirits Moisture and Style Cream. Apply product while wet, let your hair dry then style to your liking! 

Try products in sets. Your hair and wallet will thank you 💰

Finding the perfect routine can feel like a task, but I have the solution. Buy products in sets to save money (who doesn’t love that) and to experience the full effects of each product working together. Not to mention, you’ll save some space in your cabinet!

The Moisture Love Sample Set is formulated to work together to provide a higher degree of moisture to your curls!   For polished shine that will give you and your hair butterflies try the Seal With a Kiss Finishing Oil

Self love is 🔑

Comparison happens to the best of us, but I’m here to remind you that your curls are #flawless! Every curl pattern is different and should be embraced for its uniqueness. 

June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden
Behind the Brand - Our Journey to Moisture Love

Behind the Brand - Our Journey to Moisture Love

Coils, curls or waves, accepting the hair you’re dealt can be challenging. Each day you’re faced with two decisions; to love or not to love your hair. Our Founder, Jeannell Darden, experienced her own version of this dilemma. Her inner and outer struggle led to the passionate creation of our brand. Let’s start from the beginning…

It’s no surprise, growing up with a mother who taught her how to style hair at the age of 10 and an entrepreneurial father, Jeannell was destined to own a beauty business. Her road to the creation of Moisture Love began with a miscalculated leap - coloring her hair, a mere two weeks after a chemical relaxer, which led to years of breakage, from high school to college.

Battling hair breakage and coming into your own is no easy feat. During her junior year in college, she experienced an “I am not my hair moment” and transitioned to natural. After just six months of transitioning, she bit the bullet and big chopped. This major cut eliminated her breakage issues; however, it opened the door for more hair woes.

Being a dark-skinned girl, she often found it difficult to love her skin and her hair. Jeannell had major issues with her beauty and felt like the longer and straighter her hair, the more beautiful she appeared. She was extremely vain about her hair; and this was the beginning of the love/hate relationship.

On a quest to learn to love her God given curls, Jeannell experimented with a host of shampoos, conditioners, stylers and creams. The products were plenty but the perfect match, few. It wasn’t until she confided with fellow curl friends that she realized she wasn't the only one with a "product issue," and in a tumultuous hair relationship.

While studying Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech, she shed her self-destructive thoughts of beauty and embraced her God-given texture. It was after she read Madame CJ Walker’s biography “On Her Own Ground,” that she decided to merge her love for hair and entrepreneurial aspirations and develop hair products.

“I was inspired by my desire to help other women who experienced issues finding adequate products. I wanted to create products that truly worked for naturals, products that they and I felt good about using,” said Jeannell.

Shortly after her epiphany, Jeannell began experimenting with ingredients. She submerged herself in the product creation business and began to study everything she could get her hands on. She used her personal experiences and determination to provide a solution for fellow curly haired women. Her passion fueled her mission - to help women confidently embrace their beauty, and her first brand was born - Coco Curls, now Moisture Love.

So what’s so special about Moisture Love? We would like to think it’s the journey behind our brand. We help you place the love back into your relationship with your hair. It certainly did that for Jeannell. In a world full of challenges, we can all use a little bit more love. Think of us as your hair's new hydration infatuation!

What inspired your hair journey? Share your story in the comment section below.

Interested in learning more about our journey? Stay tuned for the upcoming post where we share how we transitioned from Coco Curls to Moisture Love.


June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden
The Universal Challenge of Curls - Why We Evolved to Moisture Love

The Universal Challenge of Curls - Why We Evolved to Moisture Love

We haven’t always been Moisture Love. In fact, in 2011, we entered the world of beauty as Coco Curls. Referred by our Founder, Jeannell Darden, as her “first baby,” Coco Curls was a simple product line that focused on moisture. While simplicity can be amazing, in the world of curls, we learned options reign supreme.


S pattern or z, coily or kinky, curly hair is unique and comes in a variety of textures. Over the years we realized that our “one size fits all” methodology actually didn’t fit all. After surveying the textured hair market we uncovered one very important fact:

Lack of moisture and hydration is an issue that all curly haired women face. It contributes to their ability to embrace and love their hair.

We call this the “universal challenge of curls.” Instead of addressing the needs of only one type of textured hair, we sought out to create a solution that crosses all texture lines.

Now that you know the "why" behind our evolution, you may be wondering, what’s new? Let’s begin with what has remained the same. Our products are still formulated, in small batches, with high quality ingredients.

The extra oomph, or something new, is Moisture Love’s sustainable moisture and hydration. We created propriety Hydralure Technology that infuses hydration into the hair, on a cellular level, at all phases of the styling process. This blend is consistent across our products and is the elixir behind all moisture your hair loves and needs.

What does this change mean for you? If you used Coco Curls in the past, it’s time for you to give Moisture Love a try. If you are new to our brand, you should give us a try!

Past customer or new to the scene, Moisture Love has been formulated with every curly in mind and is sure to answer your hair’s hydration needs. Think of us as your hair’s latest hydration infatuation.

Did you use Coco Curls in the past? Share you experience in the comment section below.

June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden