Happy new year, friend!

Has 2024 been treating you well? I hope you are geared up for a joyful and prosperous new year!  Our last blog of the year was about learning how to reflect and accept your truth. Check it out here if you missed it. 


Now, let’s get into these resolutions, my next 2 blogs will be about becoming your best self and making more money, today we are going to talk about “weight loss”

Have you noticed that when you’re pressured to lose weight through a temporary “diet”, all the weight finds its way right back to you? That's often because we are trying to force a new habit that may not be in line with our natural flow, and definitely won’t be an ongoing part of our lifestyle. The shift happens when we choose to eat things that make us feel happy, healthy, and whole. 

Years ago, I knew that I would probably end up eating as a raw vegan some time in life, but the thought felt depressing because I couldn't envision giving up a lamb chop or oxtail. But now that I am so far into my journey, I don't even crave it. I typically desire a salad over a sandwich. Not because I don’t enjoy sandwiches, but because I’m addicted to how the salads make me feel. 

My body lights up when I’m eating, sometimes I can’t contain myself and just start dancing with excitement. It’s helped to eliminate tons of brain fog, mid-day crashes, breakouts, and just overall fatigue. 

I told you, we are all about ease around here, so don’t get stressed out thinking you have to only eat juices and berries to be healthy. What I am saying is, let's look at how we can reframe our ongoing relationship with food. What purpose does it serve in our lives, and do we feel better or worse after we consume it. Practice being aware of what happens in your mind, body, and energy after every meal. Notice the similarities and synchronicities - then decide if that’s in alignment with what you want. 

Here are a few 9 tips on how to crack the code for yourself without making drastic changes that may not feel sustainable. 

  1. Just drink more water. If you drink half your body weight in water or close to it, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel. Often times we think we’re hungry and really we’re just thirsty. Feel free to add lemon, lime, and cucumber to make it taste more appealing if necessary. I’m not sure we can count all the sparkling and flavored waters toward this goal as come of the ingredients in those drinks counter the hydration benefits we’re going for. If you do this and nothing else, I guarantee you’ll feel better.
  2. Cut your sugar intake in half, and continue to do so as you see fit. Sugar causes so much inflammation in your body, which is what wreaks havoc. The inflammation causes the pain and tightness that we feel in all those awkward places and spaces. Choose to be intentional with your sugar. Decide to have your favorite slice of cake vs that extra glass of juice. Honey and pure maple syrup are my sweeteners of choice for tea, oatmeal, and anything else I may want sweeter. 
  3. Eat an apple first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Apples help with digestion, supporting the good bacteria in your gut and helping to fight the bad. They have so many nutrients do so much for your overall health, and are easy to carry around as snacks - try Pink Lady they’re sooo good!
  4. Go to bed by or before 11 pm. Your liver starts its detox process at 11 pm and it doesn't stop its cycle until 11 am the next day. Your liver can't get it’s work done properly if you are up and moving around. It’s such an important organ that plays a big part in keeping your brain healthy and happy. The liver is also the organ that houses most of your emotions - so if you’re going through something in life make sure to take special care of your liver. 
  5. Take time to eat slower. Most of us eat in a rush, in our cars, in meetings and on the phone versus taking the time to mindfully eat. Your body doesn’t like being rushed - it's harder on your stomach than necessary. A healthy dose of protein, for breakfast and dinner is ideal. One of your best sources of protein is dark leafy green vegetables, try them cooked or with salads all throughout the day.
  6. Choose an exercise that you truly enjoy. If it’s fun to you, you’re more likely to keep it up. It can be walking - which is a great time to chat with friends and family, or think & meditate. Try golf, yoga, kickboxing, dancing, martial arts, swimming, pilates. Consider creating a playlist of all your favorite songs just dance until your heart is content! Most of these workouts can be done at home, right from YouTube. 10 minutes a day is better than nothing.
  7. Practice mindfulness: Breathe. So many of us underestimate the power of our breath. It’s one of the things that we don’t have to think about, but when we do and make them intentional, it makes a world of difference. Feel your chest rise and fall, imagine yourself inhaling all that is good for you and releasing all else. Just breathe…
  8. Prayer & Meditation: Spend time in prayer & meditation daily if not multiple times a day. Your mind will feel a lot less tumultuous as great spiritual health also improves your physical health. Start with just 1 minute/day and you’ll start to see tension dissipate, and your peace will increase. 
  9. Take time off Social media: Disconnect to reconnect and take a social media break. Give yourself time away from screens and everybody else’s narratives. I highly recommend everyone watch the Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix. Hopefully, it expands your perspective on the role social media plays in your life. 

Friend, remember small changes add up over time. Focus your mind on getting 1% better every day. Once you do this consistently, you’ll realize you’ve created a lifestyle of ease and flow, and I’ll bet you’ll be happy and healthier. And the waistline may even be smaller too :) 

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Wishing you a year filled with health, happiness, and love! 



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