How is the new year going so far? I can't believe January is almost over. 2024 is rolling quickly. The vibe I'm getting from 2024 is to put some pep in your step!

And if you're going to be on the move, it helps to be light. 

Have you noticed how much stuff we carry around with us on the daily? I sat in a train station and watched how much stuff almost every person was lugging around. And then I thought about all the stuff I tote.

Lately, I pause and think, do I need to carry everything I'm holding? How can I condense, compact and simplify what I need?

How will these things add or take away from the places and spaces that I’m carrying them to…


Hold up, did you feel that? 'Cause I did as it flowed off my pen. That felt like a divine message. I love to call them divine downloads :)

But ask yourself this, what am I carrying with me personally, emotionally, physically, and mentally into this new space that is not necessary?

Have you considered how all the "things" we hold on to externally could also be representative of what we’re carrying internally? 

In this letter I talked about taking inventory of your life, did you find some things that you can let go of and transform? If you haven't, do so.

It’s such a delightful feeling when you see how much more mobile you are when you’re light. And how your energy slowly starts to return. Letting go is like an immediate energy boost!

When you lose “weight” in what you carry physically, and then lose it mentally, next emotionally, it’s like the circle completes itself and you’ll see physical weight dropping off your body too. It works like magic! Diet and exercise, may not be the only solution after all. 

I'm just learning how our bodies store our emotions (good & bad) and depending on how we’re holding them creates excess fat and disease. 

The main thing is that we have within our power everything we need to show up bigger and brighter. The beauty in brilliance is that it can be seen and felt from across even the biggest rooms. As you radiate brilliance, you'll attract more of what you want, need, & desire!

My message for the day from my heart to yours is to Be light - sit with yourself, your emotions, and your traumas (I highly recommend EMDR therapy), let go of the baggage, and then you can be Bright Light! 

If this resonates, tell me how down in the comments. 

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Love, Jeannell.

January 19, 2024 — Cinderella Ejirika


Genette said:

Thank you Jeannell, for sharing your “divine download”, it resonates this morning as a shift not only in what, and how much I carry, but why? Even when I downsize my bag, with the idea of “only necessities”, it eventually begins to bulge…Too many bags, (multiple sizes), or too much “stuff”? The day is young, and you’ve gifted me with something to meditate on. Blessings for today.

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