Have you even been in love? I'm not talking that 4th grade he shared his bubble gum love, but real love?

And no, I'm not talking that Disney princess fairy tale type love where it's always gumdrops and lollipops either.

But the love where your significant other is truly down for you.

They hold you down when times get hard, have your back when others try to mess over you. They know what you're feeling and needing before you even speak.

If you haven't experienced that I sincerely hope you're able to one day, but for now at least your hair has a chance at

The Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream exemplifies that type of love for you hair. This cream moisturizes (softens) and styles(defines) at the same time. Most people will say they are oxymorons, but just like in love and science opposites
do attract and create amazing bonds are that aren't easily broken.

This product was formulated so you can save yourself some time and heartache from having to combine a couple
different products to accomplish one style hoping that all the different ingredients will get along. Not to mention the heartache of taking your hair down and you've got flakes everywhere or it's either to hard or too soft...ugh don't you hate that!

The Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream is formulated with a foundation of organic aloe vera and our proprietary Hydralure Technology, which 
establishes an optimal environment for your curls to thrive. All textures can enjoy extended moisture retention, increased
manageability and the gift of captivating curls. Feel confident that we've got your back and you hair is appropriately hydrated.
Say goodbye to frizz, and enjoy a few days off from having to manipulate your hair. The moisture just lasts...

Like with every love story we always hope for a fairytale ending and that's the kiss!

A kiss done right, let's you know everything is ok, and your love is here to stay.

Well we couldn't leave you hanging either, which is why we created the Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil. It takes all the moisture
and hydration that you've experienced from the entire Hydration Collection and locks it all in. This blend is lightweight,
smells amazing, and is packed with nutrients to feed your hair and your scalp.

The dynamic infusion of marshmallow and horsetail leaf in a proprietary blend of soothing oils is just the fanciful finish that your hair deserves.
The polished shine and moisturizing seal will give you and your hair butterflies.

Lean in close, because it really does matter how your style ends!

April 26, 2018 — Jeannell Darden


Latonya Richardson said:

I am 9 months natural and I just recently found Moisture Love. I have been using these products for 3 weeks now and I love it. With all the information and videos that I have seen it is helping me understand natural hair and making my transition much more easier because God knows I was not going to let go of my relaxer until my beautician reminded me that I hadn’t had one in 7 months and to keep going. So glad I found these products.

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