I don't know about you, but when it comes to food, my deep indulgence is absolutely caramel sauce.

When I order ice cream, you can bet I'm choosing a flavor with caramel and if it's warmed up with add pecans or walnuts, I just might float away 😊

I love caramel apples, caramel icing on pound cake, caramel chocolates,ok I think you get it. It's literally my guilty pleasure. 😍

Have you ever wondered what your hair loves? I know I'm talking as if she is a living, breathing person; but I like to think that our hair feels some of the same way we do sometimes. It needs love and definitely wants to be treated.

This is why I named our conditioner the Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner. It is so rich and luscious with herbal infusions
like sage, nettle, and chamomile. Your hair can't help but absorb all that goodness. Each of us have different textures but one thing is for sure
we all want to reduce breakage and stimulate growth.


Your hair, just like your appetite, wants a flavor overload - and the Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner, full of cocoa butter, argan oil, and castor oil, is the product to get it done! Not only will your hair feel like it's been wrapped in love, you'll be able to detangle effortlessly.

But wait, there's more...

Have you ever felt like after you rinsed out your conditioner, you're just hoping and praying that it stays nice and soft Now and Forever?

Do you even find yourself diluting your conditioner in a water bottle just so you can get that pillow soft feel just a little bit longer?

Well that's precisely why we introduced the Now & Forever Leave-in Conditioning Serum. Your hair deserves to feel good today, tomorrow, and the day after that without having to wash and re-condition each time.


This Now & Forever Leave-in Serum is like enjoying your favorite treat daily but only counting the calories once! Bam, I don't about you that just made me really happy 😄😄😄

The rosemary leaf and chamomile extracts work together with the macadamia and avocado oils to penetrate the shaft, and leave behind hydration deposits that just last and last.

Rosemary leaf

That's why it was perfectly named Now & Forever Leave-in Conditioning Serum.

Both of our amazing conditioners, like the entire Moisture Love Collection, are formulated with our proprietary Hydralure Technology that infuses hydration into the hair on a cellular level for deeper longer lasting moisture penetration. This means regardless of your texture and/or porosity you too can enjoy extended moisture with Moisture Love.

Moisture Love Hydration Collection
I hope you're enjoying our series around The Significance of Moisture + Love as we walk you through our product collection and why they're named the way that they are. If you missed
last week's article we discussed the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo!

Comment below and tell us your favorite Deep Indulgence!

April 17, 2018 — Jeannell Darden


Loretta said:

I think I’m looking for this but I hav extremely dry hair from wearing weaves for much to long. Little hesitant but I think I will try the conditioner, or what would you recommend

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