I've often wondered how God came up with the design for our hair. If you think about it, most curly hair literally defies gravity. We can wear an afro that stands up to the sun!

The curls when pulled spring back into place. We have the strongest most elastic hair, and before you let your mind wander, I don't subscribe to good hair vs bad hair. In fact the tighter coarser textures are the strongest, because they are the most elastic and less susceptible to breakage.

But we'll table the good hair vs. bad hair conversation for later, I have many thoughts to share on that subject.

I think we can all agree, that regardless of your texture it needs moisture, and lots of it! Our hair thrives on luscious oils and butters that penetrate deep into the strand.

Macadamia Nut Butter

Moisture is a basic need. It's the first principle of curly hair 101, yet most of us are in a daily search to find it. We struggle to find the right balance of it, sometimes we even over saturate it. The industry has told us that the more you can slather on the better, but what they failed to tell you is that you hair needs hydration deep beneath the surface before it can ever feel moisturized on top.
Meditate on that for a second.

We know 2 things at this point.

1. Our hair is amazing - it defies gravity and

2. We need proper moisture & hydration.

Some of you reading this may have figured those things out; but I have a question for you.

Are you still struggling to fully embrace your hair? Do you love your curls on good days and bad?

I know the world has told us that our hair isn't good enough. We don't look kept. It's not professional. It's not sexy. I've even heard people say it's not becoming of a lady.  Wait what???
And as atrocious as that sounds most of us have subscribed to these notions, be it conscous or subconscious. I know I have.

Jeannell with her new boyfriend now husband
I remember being told by other women and men, that I wouldn't find a man with a short afro :/ I shouldn't walk into a professional setting with an afro aka uncombed hair.

Those comments always made me take pause. But I can't write this to you as if I've always loved my hair. Truth is I didn't. I needed it to be as long and as straight as possible to feel good about myself. If I needed a trim, I would have a fit and throw a literal tantrum!

Jeannell with a perm


I hesitated to "go natural" for years. Even when I did, I was self conscious, but determined to embrace my God given beauty just the way my hair grows from my head.I had to learn to Love my hair.

The top 2 needs in my personal journey were Moisture and Love. They always took a prominent seat at the table. If one was missing the other simply couldn't thrive. I think of themas Bonnie & Clyde, Sonny & Cher, the sun and the moon. They just go hand in hand.

We're building a movement around helping you confidently embrace your beauty. We couldn't think of any other name that was more fitting of the story that we're telling and the service that we're offering.

This is the first of many posts aimed at educating you to properly moisturize and love your hair. In the end you'll be one confident curly girl!

Come close and experience #ahigerlove. 

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When did you 1st fall in love with your hair?

April 05, 2018 — Jeannell Darden

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