After a long hot day, what's more enjoyable than a nice cool shower? 😌

Of if you've had a hard workout, that epsom salt bath is now bae. 😍

What about when you've had a really tough day, and someone gives you just the right hug that causes you to exhale.. ahh! 🤗

I don't about you, but each bath, shower, and hug is like a mini getaway. Is it just me? I know I feel refreshed, temporarily at least. 

I think of my hair the same way.

For men, if they get a new haircut it's like they are a whole new man.

Women, if we get our eyebrows shaped up just right, it makes our entire face pop.

But when we have freshly cleansed and styled's on and popping!

I feel like my hair talks to me sometimes, and it's like "Jeannell, please pamper me - a quick wash will work miracles"

Ok, don't start side eyeing 🙄 me through the screen, you all know what I mean.

This is what the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo is all about. It's that cool shower after a hot day, the warm soak to sore muscles, the perfect hug that releases stress. Your hair needs that type of pampering and loving too.

She is gentle on your curls, but she embraces just tight enough to pull out all the dirt and debris. She's not just a taker - this is a mutual relationship - so she deposits nice droplets of hydration inside those cuticles so you're left with more than what you showed up with.

The Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo, like the entire Moisture Love Collection, is formulated with our proprietary Hydralure Technology that infuses hydration into the hair on a cellular
level for deeper longer lasting moisture penetration. This means regardless of your texture and/or porosity you too can enjoy extended moisture with Moisture Love.

Some curly girls think shampoo is the enemy, but it's not when done right. The bad shampoos are liken to that shower where all the hot water runs out, or bath that was just too hot,
or those people who try to break your spine when they hug you, uggh.

Don't fret, we formulated ours just right with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 airing on the higher side so we can open those cuticles just enough to take away the bad and leave
all the good. Some curlies even report being able to detangle with shampoo. That's unheard of!

Now that you've learned all about this AMAZING shampoo, how would like to receive a 2oz sample? Today's your lucky day.

Click the link below and follow the steps to get your free sample, all you have to pay is shipping :)

Wash day will never be the same!

April 10, 2018 — Jeannell Darden


Gloria D Newcomb Newcomb said:

I have grey hair , and it gets very dry and the ends matt or fuse together , so I have to wash it and it’s stays soft maybe two days , what do I need for my hair😣

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