I learned the hard way (even though I probably knew better) that perming your hair and coloring your hair within a two-week time period is not a good idea - AT ALL. 

But later I would find out this huge miscalculation was the driving force behind an even bigger change that would alter the course of my life. 

After my hair fiasco led to me having to cut most of my permed hair off, I still wasn’t quite settled on the “natural” thing just yet.  

I experimented with all lengths of short to medium length hair, but I always kept it straight and pressed to the gawds.

But something happened to me my junior year of college, and I experienced an “I am not my hair moment.” After struggling my whole life with identity issues related to my dark chocolate skin color and hair texture, I decided to big chop.

Going natural does more than change your hairstyle, it changes your soul. I was ready to embrace the “real me.” Not the one who hid behind these false ideals of beauty that told me only “good hair” or straight hair made me pretty.
Little did I know, this transformation would create a new dilemma - how and what in the world to do with my natural hair.

I experimented with several brands of conditioners, shampoos, pre-poos, leave-ins, curl enhancers, and everything under the sun, but nothing ever got my hair quite the way I wanted.

An engineer by trade, one thing I’ve always loved is a challenge. Give me a problem, I’ll find a solution.

So, I got to work. I studied the science behind my biggest hair issue - dryness. I found the best, highest quality all natural hair ingredients I could find on the market and started making my own blends.

I tried my homemade on my hair, and LOVED the results! Then, I shared with a few close friends and family and they loved them too!

I started getting special requests, and everyone was telling me it was time to turn my hobby into a real business.

Right at my kitchen counter, Coco Curl (now Moisture Love) was born - each product hand-crafted and made with love.

What I knew is how these products could transform dull, dry hair into something absolutely beautiful. What I didn’t anticipate is how these outward transformations would have much bigger and more profound impact on me and the dope women I was serving every day…

To be continued…
August 30, 2022 — Jeannell Darden

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