Most curly girls go on a real quest to find the products that give them optimal results – healthy, strong, beautiful hair.  How many of us know someone (or are you that girl!) with a closet full of a million different hair products from a bunch of different brands?  Have you ever tried a product for the first time and experienced more flaking, itching or dandruff than usual? Could it be you used the wrong system?  Let's discuss finding a right system for you,…we got your girl! 

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Yes, I’m proudly the creator of the Moisture Love collection of high performing plant based products specially formulated to define, moisturize and hydrate your curly fabulousness! This is not going to be a sales pitch on the Moisture Love hair system.  However, the right system for you is likely a single collection of products.  

Let's break this down:  if you purchase Brand A shampoo, Brand B conditioner, Brand C leave-in conditioner, a Brand D moisturizer and maybe some gel and oil also from Brand A, you have just used several different products, each formulated differently, on your one scalp.   If you use multiple products, by several different companies on your one scalp, you won't be able to determine which product delivers the intended results on your hair. The various brand formulas could be interacting negatively with one another. This may explain any itching, flaking, and dandruff you experience. It could even explain why your shampoo makes your hair feel awesome, but your hair suddenly goes limp after conditioning. It may not be that the products don't work for your hair, it may be that the product doesn't work well with a different product you're using before or after. Pause girl and let that sink in...

This is why I encourage people to try a collection of products together. Most brands are formulated to interact with each other.  The ingredients included in the conditioner are specially formulated to work positively with the shampoo and leave-in conditioner, etc. This applies to natural products as well, if you are using several different natural plant-based ingredient products, it is possible they may be interacting badly because of the chemistry of the different products. Using a single collection can help you identify products and ingredients that irritate or work well for your hair and scalp.  

I'm not just geeking out on scientific formulas, my own experiences led me to look at implementing a product system into my hair care regimen. I once tried a clarifying shampoo, and it left my hair feeling extremely dry. But, I could tell my hair was also very, very clean, residue didn’t stand a chance!. I later tried the conditioner from the same collection, right after the clarifying shampoo and it moisturized my hair in a new (and really excellent) way. I realized that if I had used the shampoo with a different conditioner, it might not have counteracted and given me the same results. Likewise, if I had used the conditioner after using a different brand of shampoo, it may not have moisturized my hair the way they did together.  I share that example to show that product lines are formulated to interact with each other and optimize the ingredients and results. So, stretch yourself and the boundaries of products you like with the understanding that you may get the optimal end result you are looking for when you use a full product line system. So, try using a full system of product and start with Moisture Love®!

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July 10, 2019 — Jeannell Darden


Dorothy Thompson said:

How much is the 3 bundle package?

Marilyn Anderson said:

Cannot find sample sizes or prices on your webpage. Unable to read names of pictured products. Not enough contrast in color on labels.

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