Okay, have you ever attempted a twist out and ended up thoroughly disappointed by the results?!  We've all been there - you use high-quality products, you take your time to carefully twist your hair and fully expect to untwist a head full of hydrated, moisturized, well-defined curls.  But alas, the hair doesn't lay right or is frizzy or just doesn't make you feel confident in your look. The issue may not be with the products, but how you take them down... Could the only thing standing between you and a fabulous twist out is a tweak to your technique?  Let's discuss the true power of technique! 

mastering the twistout

I am going to focus on the twist out "take down."  This step is super important to achieving the perfect twist out, and is often the step that receives the least amount of intention.  When taking down your twists, the first thing you want to do (after confirming the hair is desert dry!) is seal in your moisture. Squeeze a small amount of Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil into your hands and gently apply it to all of the twists. A neat trick to help tame frizzies is to pull the twists into two individual parts, unraveling in the opposite direction of the twist. Once you pull the twist apart, start fluffing each twist at the base using your fingers. These techniques allow minimal disruptions to the ends, which will give us maximum curl definition, with minimal to no frizz.


Once you have unraveled all of the twists, it's time to use a pick (yes, a real, “power to the people” afro pick) to fluff away the gaps between the separated hair. Gently apply the pick to the base of the scalp and lift the hair up at the roots. Picking the hair from the root will not only give you added volume but will also avoid frizziness.  Get creative with it…you can create as much or as little volume as you desire, it all depends on how full you want your hair and how long you want the twist out to last. Because I actually like the way my hair looks as it gets older, I'm a little less concerned about amplifying volume and more concerned about filling in the holes and maximizing curl definition.

After the pick has done all it can do (don't get carried away with picking, you know when it's time to stop); use your fingers to separate and fluff and place the hair where you want it to sit.  Again, this is all about your personal preference to increase volume vs. fill in holes. 

Don’t just rip the twists apart or wildly manipulate the curls, intentionally implement techniques to achieve your best look!

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July 17, 2019 — Jeannell Darden


Sharon Lutters said:

I’m a first time user of moisture love and my hair has never felt so soft even my husband notice he you to say it felt like straw,but know I can’t keep his fingers out of my hair thank you so very.

Stephanie Spencer said:

What’s your suggestions for using your products for a daily wash and go?

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