Coils, curls or waves, accepting the hair you’re dealt can be challenging. Each day you’re faced with two decisions; to love or not to love your hair. Our Founder, Jeannell Darden, experienced her own version of this dilemma. Her inner and outer struggle led to the passionate creation of our brand. Let’s start from the beginning…

It’s no surprise, growing up with a mother who taught her how to style hair at the age of 10 and an entrepreneurial father, Jeannell was destined to own a beauty business. Her road to the creation of Moisture Love began with a miscalculated leap - coloring her hair, a mere two weeks after a chemical relaxer, which led to years of breakage, from high school to college.

Battling hair breakage and coming into your own is no easy feat. During her junior year in college, she experienced an “I am not my hair moment” and transitioned to natural. After just six months of transitioning, she bit the bullet and big chopped. This major cut eliminated her breakage issues; however, it opened the door for more hair woes.

Being a dark-skinned girl, she often found it difficult to love her skin and her hair. Jeannell had major issues with her beauty and felt like the longer and straighter her hair, the more beautiful she appeared. She was extremely vain about her hair; and this was the beginning of the love/hate relationship.

On a quest to learn to love her God given curls, Jeannell experimented with a host of shampoos, conditioners, stylers and creams. The products were plenty but the perfect match, few. It wasn’t until she confided with fellow curl friends that she realized she wasn't the only one with a "product issue," and in a tumultuous hair relationship.

While studying Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech, she shed her self-destructive thoughts of beauty and embraced her God-given texture. It was after she read Madame CJ Walker’s biography “On Her Own Ground,” that she decided to merge her love for hair and entrepreneurial aspirations and develop hair products.

“I was inspired by my desire to help other women who experienced issues finding adequate products. I wanted to create products that truly worked for naturals, products that they and I felt good about using,” said Jeannell.

Shortly after her epiphany, Jeannell began experimenting with ingredients. She submerged herself in the product creation business and began to study everything she could get her hands on. She used her personal experiences and determination to provide a solution for fellow curly haired women. Her passion fueled her mission - to help women confidently embrace their beauty, and her first brand was born - Coco Curls, now Moisture Love.

So what’s so special about Moisture Love? We would like to think it’s the journey behind our brand. We help you place the love back into your relationship with your hair. It certainly did that for Jeannell. In a world full of challenges, we can all use a little bit more love. Think of us as your hair's new hydration infatuation!

What inspired your hair journey? Share your story in the comment section below.

Interested in learning more about our journey? Stay tuned for the upcoming post where we share how we transitioned from Coco Curls to Moisture Love!

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June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden


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