Whether you’ve mastered styling your own hair or find yourself in the learning process, you can’t go wrong with a twist out. As an added bonus, this low maintenance style is perfect for Fall. Cool weather, big hair, it just makes sense.

Check out Instagrammer @dommiekamelah. Her twist out is defined, moisturized and full of body. What’s there not to love? 

How do you recreate this flawless look? Technique, the proper products, and few of our insider tips. Try these 4 simple steps. We promise you will love your results.

Woman doing a natural twist out | Moisture Love

Step 1: Beginning with cleansed and conditioned wet hair, detangle and then part your hair into sections, starting from the crown of your head, moving to the sides.

Insider Tip

- The larger your parted sections the larger your flat twist, which are the base for your twist out. If you are going for a voluminous look, we suggest medium to large size sections.

Step 2: Apply a nickel to dime sized amount of moisturizing styling cream, like our Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream, from the root to the tips of your hair. Secure each parted sections and allow your hair to air dry, until it is almost completely dry.

Insider Tips

- Applying a moisturizing styling cream to wet hair allows for extended moisture and hydration.

- Creating flat twists with almost dry hair elongates the curl and makes for a more fuller twist out.

Step 3: Focusing on one section at a time and beginning at the crown of your head, split a section into two, holding each in one hand, and twist to the scalp - adding hair as you go - until you reach your ends. Watch this video to see a step by step tutorial of creating a flat twist.

Once you have completed your entire head, allow your hair to air dry completely or sit under a warm hooded dryer.

Step 4: Once dried, carefully untwist your hair, using a light oil. We recommend Goodnight Kiss Finishing SpritzTo add volume, use a pick to fluff your roots.

Insider Tip

- Applying a small amount of oil to your hands while untwisting helps keep the frizz away and adds shine

What tricks do you use to achieve a flawless twist out? Share them in the comments section below.


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June 08, 2017 — Jeannell Darden

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