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Do you remember that time between 3rd and 6th grade where your first became aware of how you looked?
For some people that was an awakening, but for a lot of little black and brown girls, it was self - defeating. 
We noticed how light or dark our skin was
We noticed how straight or kinky our hair was
We noticed our teeth, the cute yet perceivably awkward smile
We noticed things about our bodies, that we just didn't understand...
We were so amazingly flawless as we were growing into our God given beauty, yet for some, we couldn't see or feel it. At least I know I struggled. Read my journey to Self Love here. 

At Moisture Love, our mission is to help women confidently embrace their beauty, but before we're women, we're little girls just trying to figure it all out. 

That's why, we believe that pure confidence is best instilled at a young age, if we can support little girls in building their confidence, then they'll surely mature to confident women.

Join us in supporting Moisture Love Gives, a new initiative where we seek out organizations that work primarily with young girls between the ages of 8 and 13. For every product purchased at starting October 1, 2019 we'll donate a product to these organizations to help our young girls build their confidence!

Do you believe this a cause worthy of your support? If so share it with a friend, and remember when you give your curls love with Moisture Love, you're also doing the same for a young girl!

Learn more about our first 2 partner organizations below! [8freeThankful]

Elite women of excellence

 Self do you believe?
Established in 2002, EWOE, Elite Women of Excellence, has mentored nearly 1,400 girls representing 12 metro-Atlanta counties. In collaboration with parental caregivers, EWOE comes alongside the girls to affirm their purpose, reassure their confidence, and extend moral support. Furthermore, EWOE facilitates programs that assist parents to foster strong relationships with their daughters that is proven to indirectly contribute to the enhancement of a strong sense of self-worth and a delayed onset of sexual engagement.
Our mission at S.E.L.F. is to facilitate the transformation of girls between the ages of 5 and 18 by utilizing workshops and trainings that focus on Self-Determination, Empowerment, Love and Freedom. We imagine a world where all girls become ambassadors of positive thought and self-awareness. Our vision is to develop inherent strengths whereby girls gain the ability, authority and agency to live life on purpose with intention.


Do you have an organization that's in alignment with our mission? Please send us an email at with all the details!