How many of us began our natural hair journey excitedly looking through natural hair photos on Instagram and Pinterest and thinking, "I can duplicate that style!”  After duplicating the products and process, frustration leads you to eventually accepting that the products just didn't work the same, and your results were totally different than the lady on the video tutorial?! Learning how to rock your natural hair texture is a massive step in adopting a natural hair lifestyle.  But it is equally important to take our learnings one step further and truly embrace your natural hair texture! Here are a few reasons why you should celebrate your hair just as it was created…

how to change hair texture

A beauty guru friend of mine, Robin Groover, says your natural hair texture is as unique as your fingerprint. Amongst all of the millions of people in this world, no one has the same fingerprint or exact hair texture as you! It makes sense to think of one's natural hair texture as a unique physical attribute, that is distinctly and inherently yours.   We should feel good about this distinguishing feature and embrace that uniqueness.

hair is unique as fingerprint

You may be thinking, "how is she just gon' tell me to feel good about my natural texture, does she really know the struggle?!"  While I have been natural for over 13 years now, I can admit, I did not always embraced my natural texture. Trust me, I know firsthand, the struggle can be real! But, as you continue on the natural hair journey (and keep living!) things will change – your diet[ Check out this blog post on top 10 foods for natural hair], the products you use, your health, your hair care regimen, etc., all changes.  Likewise, you will find your hair texture also can and will change. The changes may not be as perceptible as adding color or chemicals to the hair, but as you find a rhythm in your routine, your texture will treat you right too.. Healthy, naturally textured coils are worth celebrating!

10 foods for healthy hair

Another reason some curlies resist fully embracing their natural texture comes from becoming too invested in the texture number system.  We've all seen the videos or read the blogs about 4C vs. 4A vs. 3B vs. 1D…and on and on and on! The truth is, each one of us has multiple textures within one head of hair. Can you relate to your sides acting a bit different from the top and the back just lives by it’s own bylaws?  So, becoming tied to one specific hair type or using products formulated for just one of several hair textures will likely produce inconsistent results.  

As your environment and life choices evolve, your natural hair texture will undoubtedly change, but you cannot replicate someone else's natural hair texture.  So, save yourself a lot of time and money and don't get too caught up trying to emulate other people's natural texture. Whether these are strangers on YouTube or members of your family, their texture is theirs and yours is yours.  Find what works for you!

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July 24, 2019 — Jeannell Darden

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