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3 Steps to Eliminate Dry Natural hair!

3 Ways to have True Moisture

Do you see how excited I am to share these tips for eliminating dry natural hair?

Like could I be smiling any bigger???

A few days ago, I asked my email list to tell me their biggest curly hair challenge, and most of them responded saying Moisture!

Well I wasn't too surprised, we named the brand Moisture Love because we know moisture is most people's #1 issue. 

Whether you use our products or not, these tips can help. You ready?

1. Stop wetting your hair every day. While every curly girl loves that water bottle. Try sitting it to the side. The more you wet your hair with water (which has a ph of 7) you're opening your cuticles. When you open your cuticles, it's like opening the window in your momma car and letting all the AC out... but in this case it's your moisture. 

Voila, head on out.

If you need an extra layer of shine, then you can add in the Seal with a Kiss Finishing Oil to top it off! 

2. Please set all your favorite cowashes to the side. I know most naturals love a good cowash. Mainly because you feel like you're not stripping your hair with most shampoos. But let me ask you this...

When's the last time you washed your clothes with only fabric softener? Or took a shower with only a body scrub?

Don't do you scalp like that! It's an extension of your skin and needs to be cleansed just the same. 

That cowash may have your hair feeling good on the first few washes, but I guarantee you over time, your hair will begin to look and feel dull and lifeless. 

We created the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo so you can get the best of both worlds. A bonafide cleanser (with no sulfates of course) and a hydrating formula that doesn't strip away all the good stuff.

Try cleansing every 6 weeks and see if you don't have more moisture.

Then after you've done a good cleansing, follow behind with a  conditioner that penetrates and strengthens your strands. The Moisture Love Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner has chamomile, horsetail, nettle, argan, avocado and rice bran oils in a thick luscious formula - sure to leave your hair soft and supple. 

3. Try going a few extra days in between styling. Believe it or not, the more products you apply to your hair, the more you weigh it down. When your hair is smothered, it's not getting enough oxygen. In essence it's not breathing. Our scalps make sebum which is what keeps our scalps and hair healthy internally and externally. If you have loads of products on there, the sebum can't release effectively and do it's job. 

Thanks to our Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream, I only style once a week and refresh every 3 days. It's formulated with technology that locks in true moisture that lasts for days. So you're not constantly manipulating your hair (leads to breakage) or smothering it. 

Will you try these 3 steps? I want to hear your feedback. 

If you do want to try the Moisture Love Collection, you can for the next 4 days at 25% off. Just use code website25 now through Monday September 23rd at midnight EST to save 25%. 

Moisture Love 25% off sale

Enjoy your experience of having true moisture that lasts!



  • Jacqueline Newton

    Hi received the now & forever today and the bottle is not full, look like someone opened it and used some of it.

  • Tricia Montgomery-Fox

    Thank you so much! I’m just embracing my natural curls after 50+ years of not allowing myself to embrace my natural curls. This journey is just beginning! After reading this blog post I stopped wetting my hair every day. I thought I had to! I CAN’T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!! This was a scary journey of self actualization, but now I feel I’m not alone as I continue learning about my curls. Thank you!

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